P6 (12 Years Old)

P6 Intensify!

Prepare the child in full battle gear for PSLE!

Paper 1

Able to write a composition confidently within the designated time integrating different techniques and using a wide repertoire of vocabulary. Helping the child to plan the structure more efficiently.


To help the child prepare for the stress psychologically through a simulation of the actual environment in the oral examination. Be able to express one’s opinions fluently and critically but also to have the confidence to have a conversation independently and confidently with a teacher.

Paper 2

Focus on tackling the key difficult areas in PSLE and revising the fundamentals. Enhancing the understanding of general knowledge topics that come out often in past papers.

Inquiry Form

Program 2: Chinese Reading Program (Intermediate 1)

Suitable age group

9 year old and above (P3)


6 books and 1 CD



1125 commonly used words
400 Chinese idioms
1000 phrases
50 reading passages
Combined practices
60 writing words