P2 (8 Years Old)

Children will start to experience oral speaking , simple essay writing and comprehension in school. Hence, while strengthening their reading foundation through the Chinese Idioms Reading Program, Primary One students can also go for the Chinese Enrichment Courses tailored for P1 and P2 students to strengthen their speaking, writing and comprehension skills.

P2 Empower!

Paper 1

Understanding the structure and paragraphing in writing a composition and utilizing key words and idioms to craft a complete story. At the P2 level, the focus is getting a complete story out with a proper beginning and ending, and enhancing the narration with a light dose of descriptive words. This will lay the foundation for a higher standard of composition writing in P3


To be able to narrate the story confidently in sequence and appropriately expressing one’s views and feelings. Reciting a passage fluently with ease and answering questions confidently

Paper 2

Able to read and write the often used words in MOE textbooks. Able to read out loud a comprehension passage independently and to critically repeat the meaning of the passage and together with the teacher, conclude the moral of the story

Program 2: Chinese Reading Program (Advanced 1)

Suitable age group8 year old and above (P2)
Materials6 books and 1 CD
Content1125 commonly used words
400 Chinese idioms
1000 phrases
50 reading passages
Combined practices
60 writing words

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