Secondary School

S1 – S4 Ascend!

Paper 1

The techniques of writing official and personal letters, emails, etc. Able to analyze and comment on newspaper articles. The understanding and comprehension of challenging topics in general knowledge.


To have an overall view of the topics discussed, give opinions and detailed analysis on current affairs. Rigorous training of critical assessments of important general knowledge topics.

Paper 2

Handling higher standards of comprehension passages with ease. Gaining mastery in topics that are often tested in O’Levels. Preparation through past years’ papers and moving towards the perfect assimilation of the Chinese language.

Inquiry Form

Program 2: Chinese Reading Program (Intermediate 1)

Suitable age group

9 year old and above (P3)


6 books and 1 CD



1125 commonly used words
400 Chinese idioms
1000 phrases
50 reading passages
Combined practices
60 writing words