K2 (6 Years Old)

K2 is an important year to prepare the child for Primary One. Hence Yuquan has three concurrent programs that the child can choose to get a head start.

Program 1: Chinese P1 Preparation

The preparation course lays a strong Chinese foundation for entry into primary school. It aims to help the child to have a full grasp of Hanyu Pinyin, frequently used phrases, grammar, antonyms, quantifiers, and the ability to use three to five sentences to describe a picture, etc. The child will also undergo overall training in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Program 2: Chinese Reading Program (Intermediate 1)

Suitable age group

6 years old(K2)


8 books, 1 CD and Chinese Idioms flashcards


250 commonly used words
100 Chinese idioms
240 common phrases
60 standard sentences
6 sets of pictures for oral conversation
60 writing words
16 writing words
15 short reading passages
Sentence practices

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