P1 (7 Years Old)

Children will start to experience oral speaking , simple essay writing and comprehension in school. Hence, while strengthening their reading foundation through the Chinese Idioms Reading Program, Primary One students can also go for the Chinese Enrichment Courses tailored for P1 and P2 students to strengthen their speaking, writing and comprehension skills.

Program 1: P1 Ignite!

Hanyu Pinyin

Familiarization with the usage of Hanyu Pinyin and able to get the correct tone for a repertoire of at least 100 Chinese basic Characters


Able to express the story flow under the teacher’s guidance and show critical thinking in identifying undesirable versus commendable behavior.

Paper 2

Able to recognize and write often used words in the MOE textbooks and being able to independently understand comprehension passages, and under the teacher’s guidance, assimilate the meaning of the passages and answer the questions correctly in complete sentences

Program 2: Chinese Reading Program (Intermediate 2)

Suitable age group

7 years old(P1)


8 books and 1CD


250 commonly used words
100 Chinese idioms
240 common phrases
60 standard sentences
6 sets of pictures for oral conversation
60 writing words
16 writing words
15 short reading passages
Sentence practices

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