P4 (10 Years Old)

Program 1: P4 Fortify!

Paper 1

Deftly utilizing memories, idiomatic phrases, characters, weather and similar techniques to start and end a composition. Able to observe more in detail and giving due description to key pictures. For details not shown, the student is able to express imaginatively the logical possibilities. Also importantly able to complete writing the much lengthened composition within the designated time


Recite the passage expressively and answering questions confidently. Able to give examples from daily observations to express own opinions.Able to express critically, logically and factually when looking at a picture.

Paper 2

Firm grasp of the content in the textbooks, especially with forming grammatically correct sentences of key words. Understanding comprehension passages with ease and accuracy, able to summarise the central theme of the passage.

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Program 2: Chinese Reading Program (Advanced 2)

Suitable age group

10 year old and above (P4)


6 books and 1 CD


1125 commonly used words
400 Chinese idioms
1000 phrases
50 reading passages
Combined practices
60 writing words