P5 (11 Years Old)

P5 Boost

Paper 1

Able to grasp the technique of writing a composition given 6 pictures, utilizing Chinese idioms, imagination and other writing methodologies. Able to craft a captive beginning and ending and enable the reader to visualize the scenes in the story vividly and of course, completing the story within the designated time.


Able to draw examples from daily happenings in the society, express one’s opinions fluently with critical assessments and analysis, utilizing a wide repertoire of vocabulary.

Paper 2

There is a big jump in the number of phrases and words that a student need to master in Primary 5, hence much focus would be on the reading and writing of these words and phrases, also the understanding and forming sentences with them. The student should also be able to improve in the overall grasp of the techniques in handling comprehension passages, with more critical thinking and logic reasoning, analyzing the characters’ personalities and reading in between the lines.

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Program 2: Chinese Reading Program (Intermediate 1)

Suitable age group

9 year old and above (P3)


6 books and 1 CD



1125 commonly used words
400 Chinese idioms
1000 phrases
50 reading passages
Combined practices
60 writing words