Language School

Zi Qi and Jing Rui, both 6, started attending weekly classes at Yuquan Language School since 3 years old. We as parents, only wish for them to cultivate and sustain the love for Chinese and definitely do not expect them to be able to read a passage from a Pri 6 textbook impromptu at such proficiency.

It was indeed a pleasant surprise!! Mastery of any language is a combination of passion, consistency and right techniques. Without doubt, Yuquan Language School has proven again it has that right formula!!
Mum of Zi Qi's and Jing Rui (4 years old, started attending classes at 3 years old)
Thank you for your team of dedicated teachers who always go the extra mile for my kids, age 7 and 6. A very pleasant experience for the past year
Mum of Natalie (P1) and Lucas (K2)
Dear Teacher Gao, Thank you for your time in teaching Song En in K2 and now P1. We see a marked improvement in his Chinese. He has grown to love Chinese and loves coming for Chinese lessons at Yuquan. The worksheets have helped him in school. Thank you for being concerned in both his emotional and academic well-being.
Mrs Toh, Mum of Song En
Dearest teachers, Thank you for making the lessons so engaging and interesting. My children enjoy going for the lessons. Thank you for all the hard work. Thank you for being concerned in both his emotional and academic well-being.
Mum of Zhu Chuan (P1) and Zhu Juan (P2)
Both my children look forward to the classes every week. They find the lessons interesting and help them cope with Chinese in school. In fact, Chinese is their best subject. Thank you teachers at Yuquan for making Chinese fun!
Mum of Huang Min Yi (P1) and Huang Guang Jing (P3)
Dear teachers, Thank you for the support. We are happy with the arrangement and teaching methods given to our child. We are glad the child enjoy the lesson. Keep up the good work.
Mum of Wang Jia Xian (P3)
Yuquan is a very fun Chinese tuition class. The teachers are all very nice and caring towards us and encourage us to strive in Chinese. Because of Yuquan, I like Chinese better and I have improved.
Nicole, P6
The teacher is very responsible and patient. She has tried to ensure the students understand the material that was taught. We appreciate her work and our son learn a lot from her.
Jonathon Shim’s father


The curriculum in Yuquan Preschool is well cover and has a good balance of English and Chinese syllabus. Our 2 kids besides receiving child minding care and preschool education, they also have opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills. They are exposed to activities like calligraphy, Chinese ink painting, playing of musical instruments and others which Yuquan has incorporated into their curriculum. Our kids have definitely developed interest in these interesting activities in school.

We strongly believe that preschool education is fundamental and will make a difference I preparing them for primary school. We take delight to say that Yuquan preschool is doing a fantastic job. We are glad to have made the decision to transfer our kids from the school they were previously attending.

Besides the curriculum another unique facility that Yuquan provide the children in the school are the cot beds that the children get to rest on during their naptime. Cot covers and fleece blankets are also given out to individual child at enrollment. We are very impressed with this enhanced facility that Yuquan provides for the children. We felt that they have gone beyond providing child care service; they have placed the health and the well-being of each child into consideration too! The nutritious foods that our kids have in school are also carefully planned and the menu covers a variety of choice throughout the week.

Ms Song, the principal and all the teachers in Yuquan are very caring and professional. We feel very safe to leave our kids under their care. Yuquan preschool lives up to their belief that the formative ages from 0 to 7 are especially important and children have tremendous potential if a firm foundation is laid in their early years. They are definitely doing their utmost best in grooming the children into active lifelong learners.
Mr & Mrs Francis Seo Tho, parents of Shernise (N2) & Frederick (K2)
Yuquan Preschool has helped my children "appreciate the Chinese language better without neglecting the English language. The school's strong emphasis on recognition of the Chinese words, idioms and practising of calligraphy has helped the students better prepared for their transition to primary school to pursue the" Chinese language. The session on 'Show and Tell' has enabled the students to build up their confidence in giving presentation in front of the class.

I strongly recommend Yuquan Preschool to prospective parents who are keen to ensure that their children are effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin.
Mrs Lew, mum of Yan Ying and Zheng Xi
My kids, Ezra (K2) and Shannon (N2) have cultivated the love for learning Chinese through Han Xue Le curriculum, my kids are able to read Chinese characters, idioms and form sentences well beyond their age.
Mrs Irene Woo, mum of Ezra and Shannon Woo
The enriching Chinese curriculum at Yuquan was the key deciding factor when choosing a preschool for my children. My children have benefitted from their Han Xue Le programme. Most importantly, it has cultivated their love for learning the Mandarin language. My children have benefitted from Yuquan’s Han Xue Le programme. Most importantly, it has cultivated their love for learning the Mandarin language.
Mrs Jacqeline Chin, mum of Giselle, Geraine and Gareth
Our children enjoy learning Chinese with Han Xue Le. We are pleased that 2 years ago, at K1, my eldest girl already can recognize 300-400 Chinese characters! This year, her younger sister Elisa also can recognizing around 300-400 Chinese characters. Now at N2, my son Nathanael is beginning to converse more in Mandarin with me and understands the language more as he progresses through the same curriculum as his sisters.
Mrs Rebecca Kam, mum of Deborah, Elisa and Nathanael
Our 3 kids learned and benefited from Han Xue Le, a curriculum that uses Chinese idioms to form a rhythmic passage. The rhythmic pattern of the full text makes it easy for recitation and memorization. Our kids are able to pronounce, recognize basic words, practice idioms, form standard sentences, accumulate phrases, practice proper reading technique and comprehend them. Most importantly, their learning is made easier and fun.
Mrs Samantha Seo Tho, mum of Shanice, Fredrick and Sebastian
臧昀 (新加坡)