P3 (9 Years Old)

From Primary 3 onwards, the examinations test a child’s overall grasp of the language. Therefore, Yuquan will prepare a child to handle the examinations deftly in composition, comprehension and oral. Our aim for the students at this level are as followed:

P3 Strengthen!

Paper 1

Let the student clearly understand the examination process and key areas of importance. The composition is to be completed within the designated time utilizing various methodologies of writing, including but not limited to self-thoughts, dialogues and related ideas. Learn how to use descriptive phrases and idioms and understand “good phrases maketh a good essay”.


Fluently narrate the pictures in sequence, commending good behavior and critically point out the negative behavior, providing reasonable arguments and presenting own point of views and feelings.

Paper 2

Confident grasp of the content in the textbooks. Master the techniques of completing sentences, matching phrases and answering comprehension passages. Able to express own thoughts after reading comprehension passages and critically identify the central theme.

Program 2: Chinese Reading Program (Advanced 2)

Suitable age group

9 year old and above (P3)


6 books and 1 CD


1125 commonly used words
400 Chinese idioms
1000 phrases
50 reading passages
Combined practices
60 writing words

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