Bilingual Full-Day Childcare Centre (1.5 – 6 Years Old)


奠定双语基础, 培养双文化精英

A successful individual must be optimistic, passionate and equipped with a healthy mindset. This is the prime foundation for the excavation of potential wisdom and development of creative thinking in our life path.

The mastery of bilingualism is the necessary criteria to groom a bicultural elite. Those who can understand Eastern and Western culture well, are armed with the ability to become an essential part of the society.

一个成功的人才, 必须具备健康的身心及乐观向上、 开朗活泼的良好性格, 这是能深入挖掘智能潜力、 开发创意思维的首要基础。

一个双文化人才的培养, 掌握双语仅仅是必备条件, 了解中西文化, 拥有真正融入东西方社会的资本, 才是未来当之无愧的成功人才。

Ms. Song You Hong 宋育红 | Founder
Master Degree in Chinese; B. Degree in Music; Dip in Pre-school Education
Lecturer (Teacher Training College)Principal (Language School) 

Bilingual Foundation

It is never too early to lay a good foundation in both English and Chinese. At Yuquan, children start as early as 1 year old. The programs are designed to first cultivate and nurture the love for the English and Chinese language learning. This is done through fun and games and a wide variety of content.

Our bilingual program develop strong foundation in both Reading & Oral. The Chinese Program is conducted through our original creation “Han Xue Le 汉学乐“, while English Program is conducted through Letterland Phoenic and Oxford Tree Reading.

Bicultural Elite

Apart from academic learning, we emphasise personal development (素质教育) of the children at the same time. We cultivate bicultural elites through various kind of activities, such as Chinese Calligraphy, table tennis, Chinese painting, harmonica, etc..

Our Curriculum

We offer bilingual curriculum based on the desired outcomes of preschool education set out by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. Our curriculum is designed to challenge young children to develop literacy, numeracy, problem-solving skills and creative thinking, which are abilities that have been identified as critical in the new globalised world.

In line with shifting paradigms in schools, we have shifted emphasis from content-based to process-based programmes, from frontal teaching to experiential learning, and from distinct subject areas to cross-subject explorations. We stress unstructured learning experiences, but structured teacher-led learning.

We will incorporate Yitong Infant Programme and Chinese Idioms Literacy into our Chinese curriculum. Yitong Infant is a comprehensive and balance programme which includes language, science, mathematics, physical activity, environmental awareness, social interaction, music and fine arts. Through one-game a day activity, the children’s 8 abilities will be appropriately, effectively and comprehensively improved. The child will become a bright child developed in all aspects.

For the 4 years old and above, they will undertake Chinese Idioms Literacy programme whereby they will be taught recognition of Chinese characters. They will learn 1500 characters as we believe that recognizing characters is the beginning of all pursuits while reading is the basis for the learning of all subjects. Only by grasping the effective learning method through focusing and swift recognizing characters, can children achieve the objective of reading as early as possible.

Chinese Enrichment Courses

Yuquan understands the MOE syllabus well and understands the challenges a child goes through at each different level as he/she moves from Primary 1 to Secondary 4. At Yuquan, every level is targeted to build up a stronger foundation on the previous level, to a point where Chinese becomes a second nature to the child, not something to be learnt for just passing the exams but also a way of living, a part of the culture that he/she truly enjoys.

Chinese Reading Program

Running parallel to the courses catered to the different age groups, a child can start with the Chinese Reading Program (Basic) as early as 4 years old. The programs are based on our trademark set of materials , which was specially designed in-house by our Founder and Principal Ms. Sonya Song Yuhong. From Basic to Advanced 2, there are five levels and 175 lessons in total, each lesson 1.5 hours. The objective of the programs is to give the child a strong foundation in word recognition and reading so that mastery of the Chinese language, be it essay writing, oral or comprehension, becomes effortless.

Natural Science

Table Tennis