Our Beliefs  & Commitment

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We believe that formative ages from 0 to 7 are especially important in the overall development of children. Children have tremendous potential if a firm foundation is laid in their early years.
We are committed to providing first-world standards in early childhood education and grooming young children into active lifelong learners.

My kids, Ezra (K2) and Shannon (N2) have cultivated the love for learning Chinese through Han Xue Le curriculum, my kids are able to read Chinese characters, idioms and form sentences well beyond their age.
—— Mrs Irene Woo, Mother of Ezra and Shannon Woo (新加坡)
Mrs Irene Woo
The enriching Chinese curriculum at Yuquan was the key deciding factor when choosing a preschool for my children. My children have benefitted from their Han Xue Le programme. Most importantly, it has cultivated their love for learning the Mandarin language.
My children have benefitted from Yuquan’s Han Xue Le programme. Most importantly, it has cultivated their love for learning the Mandarin language.
—— Mrs Jacqeline Chin, Mother of Giselle, Geraine and Gareth (新加坡)
Mrs Jacqeline Chin
Our children enjoy learning Chinese with Han Xue Le. We are pleased that 2 years ago, at K1, my eldest girl already can recognize 300-400 Chinese characters! This year, her younger sister Elisa also can recognizing around 300-400 Chinese characters. Now at N2, my son Nathanael is beginning to converse more in Mandarin with me and understands the language more as he progresses through the same curriculum as his sisters.
——Mrs Rebecca Kam, Mother of Deborah, Elisa and Nathanael (新加坡)
Mrs Rebecca Kam
Our 3 kids learned and benefited from Han Xue Le, a curriculum that uses Chinese idioms to form a rhythmic passage. The rhythmic pattern of the full text makes it easy for recitation and memorization. Our kids are able to pronounce, recognize basic words, practice idioms, form standard sentences, accumulate phrases, practice proper reading technique and comprehend them. Most importantly, their learning is made easier and fun.
——Mrs Samantha Seo Tho, Mother of Shanice, Fredrick and Sebastian
Mrs Samantha Seo Tho

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