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Welcome to Yuquan Language School

Yuquan Language School, founded in 1997, is a professional language school registered with the Singapore Government and the Ministry of Education. The school possesses a team of professional graduate teachers from various normal universities in China. Our Language teachers have solid teaching foundations and are responsible and conscientious. Because of the above reasons, Yuquan Language School has become a reputable school of good social standing. We have an enrolment of several thousand students.

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Parents Review

Zi Qi and Jing Rui, both 6, started attending weekly classes at Yuquan Language School since 3 years old.

We as parents, only wish for them to cultivate and sustain the love for Chinese and definitely do not expect them to be able to read a passage from a Pri 6 textbook impromptu at such proficiency.

It was indeed a pleasant surprise!! Mastery of any language is a combination of passion, consistency and right techniques. Without doubt, Yuquan Language School has proven again it has that right formula!!

Zi Qi's and Jing Rui's mummy